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Hi! Lisa here and welcome to my stop on the Bring Back Nice blog hop! You should have reached my blog from Tiffany Kummer’s blog (LINK), but if not, you can always see the full blog list below and start at the top of the hop.

Our mission is simply to Bring Back Nice. Ashley Nguyen Newell started the movement on a Facebook page also called Bring Back Nice and it’s a simple mission. Find ways to be nicer to each other. Say Thank You more often. Pay for someones coffee. Send a card for no reason. Put your phone away when having lunch. We’ve all gotten so caught up in our own lives that we’ve simply forgotten HOW to be nice.

I made a little box using my Silhouette (nothing fancy), but for anyone that leaves me a comment on how YOU’VE been nice and enters in the giveaway I’ll have a $25 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson available and yes, this will be open to International commenters, too.


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Here’s your list of bloggers! Make sure to stop by Pias blog next for her really wonderful post and awesome card. :)

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I’m a Bloom Girl!

Where to start… I guess at the beginning, right? Always a good place. There is an amazingly talented artist that I’ve gotten the pleasure of knowing who designs for Prima named Jamie Dougherty.  Her stamp, paper, and creative line is called Bloom Girls. And it is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.  The “girls” she draws are full of emotion, with flowers, and butterflies, and so many other stunning elements. GORGEOUS!!

So, fast forward. Jamie decided to have a Design Team call. Her first ever. I love her work. And I thought and thought about applying. But I didn’t think I’d be good enough. That what *I* do could possibly measure up. But then after I thought about it more, and praying about it. I knew I had to overcome my fear and apply. Jamie’s Bloom Girls call to my soul. And I knew that if I didn’t apply, I’d regret it. I don’t want to live in regret…so I applied.




Woooohooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I’m so excited!! When I got the e-mail I thought it was a joke. Maybe a cruel accident? But, nope. I am an inaugural member of the very first Bloom Girl Design Team and I couldn’t be more excited. So proud to say that I’m a Bloom Girl.

If you are unfamiliar with Jamie’s work (for some reason) I urge you to look on Jamie’s website HERE or Prima’s site HERE (the Prima link only shows the new items and Jamie’s link doesn’t.)

The blog for the Bloom Girls to see what we’re creating is: I hope you’ll add it to your favorite reader. I don’t expect to get my supplies for a few weeks as Jamie is getting ready to take off to teach in AUSTRALIA!!  But, stay tuned just the same. :)

It’s really turning out to be a wonderfully creative year for me and I’m so very thankful.

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Composi-Mold & Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®

Hi my friends! The Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Design Team is working with the folks over at Composi-Mold on a two day feature. Yesterday Tiffany and Rita shared some really wonderful ideas and projects. Today it’s my turn and Jen Matott’s turn.  (And I’m sure than Jen has something FABBY to share as she designed the Mixed Media Kit that we’re working with.)



I’ve done a little bit of mold making when I was a kid…candles, that kind of thing. But, this takes mold making to a whole different level. I decided to use a metal bird as my “master”. And from the Mixed Media with Gelatos Kit I used the Cold Porcelain to cast my bird. I decided to used the flat side instead of the textured side, because it just looked better when it came out of the mold. Plus, this allowed me to really add color, etc.

Then I started to build my pages:

I started by using the Mango Gelato® and the Whipped Spackle and mixing them together and then using one of the stencils in the kit to create this textured background on the acetate sheet. Then I just smeared the three colors included in the kit (Mango, Gold Champagne, and Bubble Gum) onto the acetate, stamped by word “believe”, added washi tape to the side, and adhered my bird.



This is the wood board in the kit, which was a LOT of fun! I first toned it down and primed it with a light coat of Gesso (included in the kit) and then I added the 3 colors of Gelatos® as seen above – Mango, Bubble Gum, then Gold Champagne.



I used a baby wipe to get the colors to blend together without disrupting the nature of the wood board. (Since it’s not real wood.) Then I added black/white polka dot washi tape and sealed it down by brushing on some Gel Medium (you guessed it! Also, in the kit.)



I stamped my word “dream” on the side of the panel, then added a little more of the yummy Whipped Spackle using the palette knife from out Gelatos® Tool Set through some punchinella.




I apparently deleted some of my photos (I’m so sorry!), but here’s what I did on this one: this is canvas! I first stamped it three times, then I put it in an embossing folder (some of the lines show up IRL) and ran it through my Vagabond, then I used the other stencil and rubbed the Mango Gelato® first through the stencil at the top of the canvas, then using the Gold Champagne at the bottom. Using my fingers I rubbed the Gelato® of each color thoroughly into the canvas.  Then I rubbed the Bubble Gum around the edges. THEN…(lots of steps, but it goes quickly) I spritzed the whole things with water as you see in the pic below.





(what it looks like dry)


Then I decided to add the stencil ONE MORE TIME! Using the Whipped Spackle again and adding a small wooden embellishment that I colored with the Bubble Gum Gelato® and Glass Bead Glitter Gel.


For some reason I skipped taking pics of the my process making the next page. Hmmm… but here it is finished! LOL! I used the Gel Medium, Glaze, the Gelatos®, and the tissue papers from the kit.



The next one was sooooo fun and soooo easy!!  I used the watercolor paper for this one. I swear, if I could make a ton of pages like this? I would!! ♥ It’s really just watered down and splattered Gelatos®!!! Really easy to do. Just rub a Gelato® of your choice into your work surface, add water. Then take a paint brush and add it to your Gelato®/water mixture and then flick it over your project. I then smooshed the paper into the left over color, too. After that I rubbed Gesso onto the lid of a large circular container and added the circles onto the paper. I stamped the word “imagine” and I was done!





For this one I just added strips of washi and then added Gel Medium to make sure that they were well adhered. Then I created custom Gelato® “drip” colors by smashing up a small part of each Gelato® and then mixing each one with water (separately) into the Drip Dropper. I then had each color Gelato® drip onto the page. So pretty! After that dried, I stamped the word “Create” from an alphabet stamp set and then the word “joy”.





These little journaling books are a great way to keep you inspired and to expand your creativity. There are so many tools included as well as the tips and techniques.

I hope that you enjoyed a look at my little Mixed Media Journal and my funky little Composi-Mold bird. :) I can’t tell you HOW many times I tried to make that bird, but let me just say that it’s a good thing that stuff is reusable up to 35 times. Hahhaha!!

Have a great week!


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Hi! I have a really fun and funky card on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® blog today.  I made it just in time to celebrate Independence Day. Yay!!

In our house we love the 4th of July. We get the best seats in the house for the fireworks as there is a college and a golf course very close by that put on shows and we get to see BOTH! It’s awesome.

But, it’s not just that. Every day I’m just thankful to be an American. I take my rights and my freedoms very seriously. And I think that a day like Independence Day should be celebrated, but we should also remember what we’re celebrating and why. We tend to forget these things and neglect to teach our children the importance of history.



So enjoy my super cute card. :) But don’t forget to raise your flag on the 4th. And maybe say the Pledge of Allegiance, if you remember it. And then come back here and look at my cute card again. Hahha! Okay, okay…I know I’m pushing it. I wish you all a wonderful week and a healthy, happy holiday.


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Penny Black Guest Designer – Last Day

Today is my last day as Guest Designer on the Penny Black blog. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the different creations I’ve had the pleasure of creating for Penny Black. It’s been a fun week. I tried to make each day VERY different and to make the most of their beautiful stamps, dies, and stencils.

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My last post is no different. Well, it is. Meaning, that is is VERY different. You know what I mean? Hahah! I hope you enjoy this last sneak peek. It’s my way of saying “Thank you” for your support, comments, love, pins, tweets, facebook shares, and everything else. Trust me when I say that I appreciate ALL of it. You all mean so, so much to me.



This card goes live shortly after midnight on the PB Blog 6/27 – which is tonight (or tomorrow, depending how you look at it).

Thanks for being there every day for me this week. I wish I could hug you ALL!!

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Penny Black Guest Design Day Four

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Wow!! I can’t believe it’s already Day FOUR of my Guest Design week on the Penny Black blog. Can you? It’s going by so fast.

I loved the card that I made for Day 3 sooooo much. I used a lot of wood veneer and cork to create all that texture along with cardstock weight vellum. *sigh* I may keep that card forever. ;)

ANYWAY! This is about day four!! And, of course, I have another sneak peek for you:


The full reveal goes live shortly after midnight tonight (PST – June 26th) so make sure that you check out the Penny Black blog to see how easy this one is to make. All the supplies/instructions for every card that I make are given on their blog.

Thanks so much for all your support and love. ♥ See you tomorrow! xoxo

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Penny Black Guest Design Day Three

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I hope that you’ve all been enjoying my projects and cards on the Penny Black Blog. Well, I’m back for DAY THREE as Guest Designer.

As I’ve done for the first two days, I have another little sneak peek to share with you. Did you know that Penny Black makes AMAZING dies as well as stamps? THEY DO!! I just wish they made more. (Hint, hint. Are you listening PB Powers-that-be?)



Any ideas to what’s going on? Or what I’ve done? :) Their post goes live at midnight’ish PST (tonight – the 24th). I’m posting mine just a wee bit early. Since it IS a sneak peek. Gotta whet your appetite, right?

I hope to see and read your comments on their blog!

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Penny Black Guest Design Day Two

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I hope you made it by the Penny Black blog yesterday for my debut as Guest Designer for this week. Did ya? ;)

Well, today is day TWO! And I have another sneak peek for you. Take a look at my little peek here and then see the full reveal over at the Penny Black blog.



What do you think? Are you looking forward to my second day as Guest Designer? I know that I am!! I hope that you’ll be joining me to see the full reveal of my peek above.


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Penny Black Guest Design Day One

banner for GDesigner small Hi, my friends :) Well, I’m so thrilled that you’re joining me on this super exciting day. It’s Day One of my Guest Design week over at the Penny Black Blog. I have some fun things to share, but today? You get TWO projects from me.  Yay!!! Sneaky peeks below: SneakPeekOnePB2014   Hmmm…. am I giving too much away? SneakPeekTwoPB   I hope that these peeks whet your appetite for things to come. All of the projects I made for the upcoming week were such a labor of love…as in I LOVED creating them. I hope you enjoy them, too. Go check out the blog for the full reveal of the projects. I hope you enjoy them!

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Penny Black Guest Designer

I have super exciting news! I’m going to be the Penny Black Guest Designer ALL NEXT WEEK!! I KNOW!! I’m still pinching myself. I love their stamps, their dies…I can’t think of anything I don’t love! I’m just so excited.

I hope that you’ll join me here on MY blog for the daily sneak peeks and then join me on the Penny Black Blog as I’ll have a daily feature just for YOU.  Being a guest designer for anyone is such an honor, let me just say that but, I am so over-the-top thrilled to have been asked to do this…I hope I don’t disappoint any of you.

Here’s a teensy, weensy peek of what you can expect! (Don’t look too close or you’ll spoil the surprise come Monday.)


See you all on Monday!! Have a wonderful weekend.

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