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Pray for Las Vegas


Last night my town, yes…MY town was rocked. It was changed forever. A gutless jerk decided that it was okay to fire an automatic weapon from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay upon an open crowd of concert goers. He killed 59 people and injured 527 innocent people.

The deadliest shooting in U.S. history. In a town known for entertainment and fun.  Remember this slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Yeah, right.

We are a community. We LOVE where we live. We do!! We have been standing in line for between 6 – 8 hours to donate blood. And we want to help the people who have been injured and affected by this horrific and tragic event. But we want our town back. We want people to know that we ARE going to do whatever we can to help each other. We will persevere.

Pray for us. Pray for each other. And LOVE will always, always beat hate. ♥ 

A Change is Coming!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I have a few things going on with my site. It’s been frustrating me like CRAZY and I’m moving my host. Soooo, things may get a little weird around here. 

I’ll apologize now for any slowness or any 404 pages you may get. For as bad as it’s been for anyone trying to view my site? It’s been a million times worse on my end. No kidding. I’m actually surprised I have any hair left on my head from all the hair pulling!!

I just ask that you’re patient with me and I’ll be updating just as soon as the new site is moved and ready to go.


Thank you all for sticking with me through my Blogger move to WordPress and now my hosting move. I appreciate you all more than you know.

#texturaltuesdays – pillow talk

It’s another episode of #TexturalTuesdays in The CLASSroom at Ellen Hutson, LLC and today we’re doing a little pillow talk. ;) 

I made a really cool pillow for today’s blog post and it was sooooo simple. I mean, freakishly simple! I just used 5 markers, a stencil, and a canvas pillow square. Yep. That’s it. The trick is in the markers. These are ZIG® Fabricolor Twin Markers which are made for use on fabric and they are permanent once ironed. 

Here is the finished pillow:


The size of the canvas pillow square is 14″ x 14″ and the colors of the markers are very vibrant.  They ARE dual-tipped (with the exception of the white), but I found that the nib tip worked better than the brush tip due to the nature of the heaviness of the canvas.

I think taking a simple set of markers, a stencil, and a pillow square would make excellent and affordable gifts. OR you could buy a few of the pillow squares and make a few pillows to give them as thank you gifts, teacher gifts, etc. 

Just hop over to The CLASSroom for more information about today’s #TexturalTuesdays post and more (*ahem*) pillow talk and a full list of products that were used.

Overstock Sale at Ellen Hutson LLC

Hi friends! Just wanted you all to know about this super awesome opportunity to save oodles of cash over at the Overstock Sale at Ellen Hutson, LLC!! Wooohooo!!

Ellen is having an Overstock Sale and during this sale you can save FORTY PERCENT in the overstock category!! Just make sure to enter the code “goodthings” when you check out. Be sure to read all the details below. Sale ends Friday, August 28th, 2015.

You can start shopping the Overstock Sale using my personal link right HERE <–click

Overstock Sale InstagramHave a great time shopping during the Overstock Sale at Ellen Hutson LLC!! And happy weekend to you all.


Bring Back Nice Blog Hop

Bring Back Nice Banner

Hi! Lisa here and welcome to my stop on the Bring Back Nice blog hop! You should have reached my blog from Tiffany Kummer’s blog (LINK), but if not, you can always see the full blog list below and start at the top of the hop.

Our mission is simply to Bring Back Nice. Ashley Nguyen Newell started the movement on a Facebook page also called Bring Back Nice and it’s a simple mission. Find ways to be nicer to each other. Say Thank You more often. Pay for someones coffee. Send a card for no reason. Put your phone away when having lunch. We’ve all gotten so caught up in our own lives that we’ve simply forgotten HOW to be nice.

I made a little box using my Silhouette (nothing fancy), but for anyone that leaves me a comment on how YOU’VE been nice and enters in the giveaway I’ll have a $25 gift certificate to Ellen Hutson available and yes, this will be open to International commenters, too.


[rafflecopter  08b4e6b22]

Here’s your list of bloggers! Make sure to stop by Pias blog next for her really wonderful post and awesome card. :)

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