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This is an exciting day as we’re *formally* introducing ourselves and the brand-spankin’ new 2018 Ellen Hutson Design Team/Ambassadors. It’s such a joy to be a part of this team and family. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I’m hoping that you arrived here from Laurel Beard’s blog. Don’t you just love her?

Even as someone who has been a maker of some variety for quite some time (ELEVEN YEARS!!) I always enjoy learning new tips and tricks from other crafters. The latest technique that I’ve learned and love is using Distress Oxide Inks (and some water) on Glossy Cardstock with Distress Glaze. Holy cowabunga, baby!! The finished look is amaaaazing! I’m going to try this on an upcoming blog post and I’m super excited.

For my card today I’m going to share one of *my* favorite techniques., which is watercolor backgrounds. I love to make them bold, loose and as eye-catching as possible.  I love the movement of the watercolor and for your eyes to be struck by the colors. This is not a difficult technique. You just have to put your fear aside…and let go.

LOTS of loose watercoloring from my fave Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor set. I know many people have switched to tubes and pans. But I just love this set. It works for me. Plus, I can always buy replacement pans when I use an entire pan of color which I LOVE!  They’re super vibrant and you don’t have to buy the large set if you just want to try them out. The pearl colors are just as dreamy.

I used a stencil over the lower half of the card. I simply sponged Versamark through the stencil and then used Perfect Pearls in Sunflower Sparkle.  This gives it a beautiful and glowy look.

Of course, I HAD to give thanks to beautiful Ellen, herself. So, I die-cut the Essentials by Ellen Designer Die Many Thanks by Julie Ebersole 3 times using some scrap cardstock and adhered it to each other. Then I die-cut one more piece in gold glitter cardstock. That one went on top. Lovely dimension and perfectly glittery, too.

Embellishments were last and I added my favorite Sparkling Clear Confetti from Pretty Pink Posh. I think they are always amazing on ANY card.

Colorful and technique-y are kind of what I’m kind of all about.  I don’t mind getting inky and messy. :)

Here are some fun questions we were all asked to answer… Enjoy!

• Coffee or tea?
Most people that know me (even a little) KNOW that I am a coffee freak and post a TON of coffee memes on IG. ;)  ☕

• How did you come up with your blog name?
I am a longtime fan (over 36 years!!) of the rock group Rush. They have an album that is called Grace Under Pressure. On that album there is a symbol of a P/G, which stand for Grace Under Pressure. I loved this so much that rather than calling myself Grace Under Pressure I took the P/G concept and turned it papergrace. An homage to my favorite band and to papercrafts.

• Tell us one silly/random/interesting tidbit about yourself!
I can pop my left shoulder in and out of its socket. Gross, but fun at parties. 😁

All silliness aside, please be sure to hop and say hi to the entire Design Team. These ladies are INSANELY talented!!  Your next stop will be at the fabulous and wonderful Lisa Spangler’s blog!

Ardyth Percy Robb
Carissa Wiley
Carly Tee Minner
Carolyn Peeler
Elena Roussakis
Emily Midgett
Heather Campbell
Julia Stainton
Julie Ebersole
Justine Hovey
Kelly Griglione
Kittie Caracciolo
Laurel Beard
   YOU ARE HERE — >>Lisa Adametz
Lisa Spangler  <<—UP NEXT
Lydia Evans
Michele Ferguson
Sandy Allnock
Sharon Harnist
Therese Calvird




25 Responses to 'Get To Know The EH Design Team Blog Hop'

  1. ardythpr1 says:

    OMG, I LOVE the Candian influence on your blog! I ran into Geddy Lee years ago in downtown Toronto – I’m sure he doesn’t remember! lol! So happy to be on this amazing team with you Lisa! Can’t wait for your next visit!

  2. juliakstainton says:

    Stunning Lisa!!! All that shimmery gold! So happy to be continuing on the EH team with you!!!

  3. eamidgett says:

    SO pretty! Those colors are just perfect. So excited to be on the team with you!

  4. Nancy R. says:

    Pretty card, I love the colors and sparkle!

  5. joy meadows says:

    Love your watercolor background!! And, it was interesting to read about how you picked your blog name.

  6. Hey Lisa! What a fabulous watercolored background, and love that you used a stencil too! So great getting to know you better, and impressed that you’re a Rush fan. How many stops did you make on their farewell tour? We were watching their recent documentary and saw the guy who fixes our pinball machines in one of the scenes. Then it all made sense why his business is called “Hemispheres”! So now I know of two Rush-inspired businesses : ) We last saw them a couple years ago when they came to Chicago. The original date got rained out, after everyone was there already, so when they had the make up date they gave everyone really nice Rush hats. Love them! Anyway, super happy to join this team with you … it’s gonna be a fun year!

  7. Dee Earnshaw says:

    wow your card is just so colorful and bright – thanks for sharing:)

  8. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Gorgeous card! Love the colors and sparkles. Thank you for sharing, this blog hop is awesome with all these great designers sure learning lots from all you talented ladies.

  9. Just as you complemented my feminine style, I must say that your bright, energetic design is so consistently well executed! We may be polar opposites with our design aesthetic, but I so appreciate what you bring to the table girl! Here’s to another great year on the EH team together!

  10. barbara lassiter says:

    Love the watercolored background on your card. That is still one of my favorite techniques for backgrounds. Your card is lovely and this is a fun blog hop!

  11. I love your inky messes and this one is gorgeous! :-) Love the gold accents! Can’t wait to see the samples of the Distress Oxide technique you described. So happy to continue on the team with you, friend!

  12. Jeanne says:

    I love that you said to let go of fear. I also love to play with watercolor. It makes me happy.

  13. Teresa Doyle says:

    I love your wc background, it is something I am JUST starting to try. Fear would be the right word…LOL I don’t know why, its ONLY paper. RIGHT? haha

  14. Dear Lisa, I can always count on your to bring vibrant colors and bling to your projects. You are such a talented lady. I am so happy to be working with you on the Ellen Hutson team. We have such a talented group of designers and it is so fun to see all the different paper crafting styles. Also, I love that we have the same love of our fur babies. Thanks for being such a supportive friend.

  15. Michele F says:

    Bright, Bold, and BEAUTIFUL! You water it down, and still have all of this gorgeous color!
    Lisa, I cannot wait to hear/see more about that new technique you teased about… what the what is Distress Glaze, pray tell?
    Let’s not even think about telling my husband about your love of Rush… we’ve seen them twice! But! I will confess it is only because Tom loves them!
    Thanks, so very much, for your sweet welcome… it is such an honor to be on this fabulous team with you! xx

  16. sandyallnock604961649 says:

    Of course you’re a coffee freak…lol! I laugh at the memes even if I don’t drink the poison. :) And remind me to be in the bathroom if you start shoulder popping at parties, okay!?!? hahaha! Love you girl – SO EXCITED that we get to play together on the team!

  17. Wow…fabulous card! Love the gold die cut on that stunning background.

  18. I am so excited to be with you on this team, you are always an inspiration! Popping your shoulder does sound like a great party trick…

  19. Carol H. says:

    Just got here from the blog hop and love how you named your blog! And thanks for not sharing pics of your shoulder! LOL!! Love that you don’t mind getting inky fingers—I’m that way too! Just means we’ve had some fun! Congrats on being on this awesome team! Your beautiful cards will fit right in! Hugs! From c.ann.h :)

  20. Carly says:

    What a gorgeous card!!! Love you sweet friend and thank you for being a part of our team!

  21. Such a beautiful card! I can’t wait to get to know you better

  22. donna mikasa says:

    I love your technique-y style! Such a gorgeous card and the glittery sentiment is the perfect touch! Happy that you’re continuing on with EHutson–lucky us!

  23. Jennifer Forster says:

    I love this die! Thanks for the inspiration

  24. Karen says:

    Beautiful watercolor background. Having just taken my first watercolor class last fall, I am still struggling with this medium, but muddling onward, literally!

  25. I love my Gansai Tambi, too! They are my go-to watercolors, along with Peerless. This is such a vibrant, FUN card–LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! But, I warn you, if you ever pop your shoulder in and out around me, I will likely pass out. I’m a weenie when it comes to that stuff. Boo.

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