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Be Kind

I have a brand new #TexturalTuesdays project that I named “Be Kind” from the stencil I used on the CLASSroom blog today featuring ways to find your own texture around the house. This was a really fun little canvas for me to make and I hope that you will all enjoy it, too.

Finding new ways to create texture, especially from things that you just have lying around the house, is so much fun. Even if you’re just using it as a focal piece, as I did for two of my pieces on the canvas. But the fun part is that you can see from the pieces used (go to the BLOG ) how these items could be used in so many different ways.

Here is a sneak peek of the Be Kind canvas just to whet your appetite:


I know you can’t tell much from this…it’s a TRUE sneak peek!! But, there’s actually a lot of texture right there. ;) Even just in the words “Be Kind”. I’m loving this sneaky thing. Hahha!!

In the supplies list you’ll be able to see what PRODUCTS I used but not the free stuff, so that won’t give it all away. I really do hope that you’ll check out the full post. It’s not too lengthy and I hope that you’ll find it useful. I know that if you’re a card-maker that enjoys making CAS cards that you may not be super interested in texture, but maybe you would want to use something you learn from the post for art journaling? And it’s really fun and not super messy…not too bad. :)

I hope that you all remember to Be Kind to yourselves first and foremost. It seems that we are all so busy trying to be nice to others we forget about ourselves. Be Kind to YOU. ♥

The supplies I have listed below are affiliate links from Ellen that I used in my project.  All of the products were purchased by me with the exception of those with an asterisk.

#texturaltuesdays – pillow talk

It’s another episode of #TexturalTuesdays in The CLASSroom at Ellen Hutson, LLC and today we’re doing a little pillow talk. ;) 

I made a really cool pillow for today’s blog post and it was sooooo simple. I mean, freakishly simple! I just used 5 markers, a stencil, and a canvas pillow square. Yep. That’s it. The trick is in the markers. These are ZIG® Fabricolor Twin Markers which are made for use on fabric and they are permanent once ironed. 

Here is the finished pillow:


The size of the canvas pillow square is 14″ x 14″ and the colors of the markers are very vibrant.  They ARE dual-tipped (with the exception of the white), but I found that the nib tip worked better than the brush tip due to the nature of the heaviness of the canvas.

I think taking a simple set of markers, a stencil, and a pillow square would make excellent and affordable gifts. OR you could buy a few of the pillow squares and make a few pillows to give them as thank you gifts, teacher gifts, etc. 

Just hop over to The CLASSroom for more information about today’s #TexturalTuesdays post and more (*ahem*) pillow talk and a full list of products that were used.

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