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You Rock!

Been a while. I know. Sometimes that happens. And now Christmas is right around the corner, too. ACK!! Do you have your cards done? I don’t. I think I thrive on doing everything at the last minute or something. Either that or I’m insane. Or both.

My folks were just here for the Thanksgiving holiday which was so awesome and Eddy’s family had FOUR birthdays right in a row!! I was prepared for my folks, but not for the birthdays. I need to figure out a system for next year. Or (gahhh!) buy cards. :( Then, his eldest nephew had a birthday and we missed that one, too. I couldn’t NOT make a card for him. That would just be wrong. SO wrong. So I made him a sort of non-birthday card. But, I wanted him to know that we didn’t forget about him. Y’know?

I received THIS card from the uber crafty Britta Swiderki and I loosely CASE’d it to make the card for Eddy’s nephew.  Thanks for the inspiration, Britta!!!

This card has so much shimmer, shine, and texture IRL. I am in love with it. :) It’s hard to make cards for teenage boys, but I think this one will work.

If you’ve made it by my blog today I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully once Christmas is over I can get back in the swing of things and blog more often.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!


All my best,

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