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Make Your Own Stencil

Hey there! It’s #TexturalTuesdays over in The CLASSroom and I have a new post showing how to Make Your Own Stencil.  In my post I simply use Essentials by Ellen Designer Dies and acetate. So super easy.

I made the card below using the stencil I created from acetate, the Essentials by Ellen Designer Dies, Holiday Words by Julie Ebersole ,with a little texture paste, and some glitter for shimmer.

Make Your Own Stencil by papergrace

Please be sure to check out the post in The CLASSroom for the full details on how to Make Your Own Stencil (and please don’t be mad when you see how easy it is. HAHHA!!) The great thing about using your favorite dies is that the possibilities are endless.

To give the card added texture, the Essentials by Ellen Designer Dies, Stitches Cover Plate by Julie Ebersole was used on a piece of Bazzill Card Shoppe Wax Lips Cardstock and the edges were then distressed. I love doing this.

The key in making anything? Is to make what you love. Same goes with stencils, I suppose. And I had a great time making this card. I hope it shows.

Thank you SO much for joining me today and for checking out my how-to in The CLASSroom.  I do appreciate every one of you. xo

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All of my supplies are listed below, which are affiliate links to Ellen So, IF you do shop through these links? I do earn an itty-bitty commission. ;)

Be Awesome Canvas


This BE AWESOME CANVAS was supposed to be for Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® and their blog, but with the death of their CEO and it did NOT make it to their blog (except for a few hours) and has since been removed. So, I’m sharing the finished piece here along with the sneak peek that I originally shared.



This “Be Awesome Canvas” is using some of the new products just released at CHA: Asphalt Texture Paste and the new Stencil 10 Ct. 301 Collection. But, also mixing it up with some of the oldie-but-goodie products, too. I think that you can see the glimmer in the photo from the Glass Bead Glitter Gel, which is just one of my very favorite products ever. (So happy I got a decent shot of this stuff!!)

I’m not sure when the Be Awesome Canvas makes it officially back up on their blog. When it does make it,  I have a full step-by-step tutorial on how I made this piece. It’s much easier than it looks — I promise.

OH!! And I have a UStream coming up for Faber-Castell, too!! Make sure to check it out. Feb. 3rd at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST . Should be fun. :) Their channel is located here:

#texturaltuesdays – thank you card

Hi again! I have a #texturaltuesdays – thank you card over on the CLASSroom blog at Ellen Hutson today.  Two Gelatos® cards today. Ha! I was in the zone. For this card I really was trying to show how to not *just* use Gelatos® to watercolor or create backgrounds, but to mix them with other mediums, like Whipped Spackle. I hope that comes across in my post over there.

Here is the #texturaltuesdays – thank you card that I created. Hope you all like it. I think it turned out pretty cool.


I just can’t get enough of Fall colors.

If you want to learn more about how I made it. ALL of the step-by-step instructions, with photos, are on the CLASSroom blog HERE. And you can search for any of my previous posts by looking up #texturaltuesdays in the search box on their blog.

Thank YOU for spending a portion of your day with me.  Below you’ll find a list of all the products I used on this card. ♥

Happy Dad’s Day!

Happy Dad’s Day!!! Yay!! And I have a super awesome Father’s Day Card that I’ve created just for this special day over on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Blog.

My dad is my hero, my pops, the guy who (to me) knows everything. He should be on every game show because he just seems to know more than anybody else I’ve ever known. He’s just crazy smart, and oh-so-funny, he makes me laugh in ways no one else could ever do. I wanted to be JUST like him when I was younger. He ruled the world…my dad.

I hate that I live in another state from him and my mom. While it’s not that far…I feel oceans apart. My family means so much to me and I bet they think otherwise. They’ve given me life, love, shelter, a hand to hold, a hug when I needed it, and faith when I had none.

My dad worked his butt off doing crap he didn’t want to do later in life. His knees hurt and he was tired.  But he did it to provide for he and my mom. He’s a good man. And I love that man.

I hope that you will never, ever doubt how much I love you, Dad. And I hope that your day is as wonderful, awesome, and fantastic as YOU are. Happy Dad’s Day.


For the full tutorial on how I made my Happy Dad’s Day card, please visit the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Blog. All supplies are also listed there.

Mixed Media Card with Chalkboard Paint

Hi! I have a new card on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® blog today. It’s a Mixed Media card with Chalkboard Paint and the new Gelatos® and I had such a blast creating it. Sometimes things just flow, and this was  definitely one of those times.


I love everything about this card. I always feel weird saying that about my own cards. But the colors, the textures, and the stamp from Technique Tuesday all just work so well together.

Using the Chalkboard Paint in this fashion works so well as it dries matte. And the Texture Gems™ dry shiny. So using the two together is such a wonderful contrast. And the new Gelatos® are really beautiful, vivid colors.  There’s a full tutorial on the BLOG so please check it out to see how I created it.

I hope that you’ll all enjoy this Mixed Media card with Chalkboard Paint as much as I had creating it.

Have a great weekend!

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