Happy Veterans Day – and a video for Design Memory Craft

Hi my friends! Wishing you all a Happy Veterans Day. Especially to those of you who may happen to be veterans. My blessings go out to those of you who are serving our wonderful country or have served.  We are so privileged to live in a land of the free. Protected and served by an entirely volunteer Armed Forces.

I love our military. And I am so very honored and humbled to be a veteran.  I am so proud to have served this magnificent country of ours. As is my father, his brother, my sister and her husband.  All United States Air Force.

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I have the privilege of sharing my project today with all of you over on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Blog today. Considering that it IS Veterans Day, I consider it to be quite the honor. I used this amazing stamp set from my awesome friend, Teri Anderson for Technique Tuesday called Poppy Sentiments.

I’d love it if you checked out my card over on the Design Memory Craft blog. It’s one I’m super happy with. I used the PITT Pastel Pencils for the very first time. And they are AWESOME!!

The video that’s mentioned in my title up there? Right here. :)

I hope you all enjoyed it and enjoy your Veterans Day. Don’t forget to check out the card over on the blog.

3 Responses to 'Happy Veterans Day – and a video for Design Memory Craft'

  1. mel mccarthy says:

    Happy Veteran’s Day & thank you for being one of those amazing people – thanks to your whole family! I loved watching your video. Your colouring is perfect & the microphone glitch sounded like a neat sound effect on my end. P.S.That stamp really is a beautiful one. ox

  2. Hi Lisa! BEE-YOU-TEE-FULLLLL card today! And a very happy Veteran’s Day to you! Thank you for your service to our country. XOXOX

  3. Renee J. says:

    Lisa, thank you so much to you, your family and all of the others for serving our country. We appreciate all of you more than words can say!!

    Your card is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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